Naruto Manga 635 Spoiler and Scans Hanzo

I thought you understood the manga. Naruto 635 Apparently you don’t. Sauske doesn’t care about children,’Kings’, people, or anything except himself and his personal whims. He does what he thinks is important at the moment, and to Hades with everything or anyone that interferes. It’s not like that sort of thing hasn’t happened before in the Manga.

naruto 635 manga

naruto 635 manga

Remember Nagato & how he made Hanzo and all his relations ‘disappear’?Yeah, and I remember him killing a bunch of Samurai because they were in his way. I also remember him saying he was going to kill everyone who tried to stop him. I remember him saying he would turn the laughter of the village into screams and moans. That is his more recent behavior. Saving Sakura could be nothing more than expediency for this particular fight.

I don’t think he’s lying. I think he’s letting everyone make assumptions about his intent and that his goals are very different than what everyone assumes he means to do when he says “he won’t let the village disappear”. I think he intentionally uses people’s assumptions against them to his own advantage, and he has a history of pulling the rug out from under people who simply assume they know what he’s going to do.

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